Overcoming Your Fear of Blood

Yeah, I know…nobody LIKES to see blood.

But if you have an actual fear of blood – a phobia like hemaphobia – you know it’s much more than that.

I had my fear of blood for as long as I can remember. At first, when I would see my own blood I would get very anxious, and sometimes even panic. As I got older, my phobia of blood got worse, and I would not only dread the sight of my own blood, but anyone else’s as well, and even blood on TV or in photos. I never knew what caused it, and to be honest, I still don’t know why it started. The good thing is that I don’t care anymore because I’ve been able to get control of my fear and put it behind me.

I can remember the first time my reaction got REALLY bad down to the last detail, and it’s not something I think I’ll ever be able to forget. I didn’t know what was happening to me…I was working in a restaurant and one of the cooks sliced his finger open. It wasn’t a life threatening injury, just something that required a bandage, but it really made my panic. All of a sudden I was gripped by this feeling of complete anxiety, like I just had to get away. I was his boss, so I tried to help him, but I just couldn’t do it, and I was embarrassed humiliated, and felt like a complete failure. What made it so scary is that I knew there wasn’t any reason for it, I felt like I was losing my mind, I just could get a grip on myself.

What makes the fear of blood so bad, and different from other phobias like the fear of flying or heights, is that you generally have some advance notice if you’re going to be flying or going up in a really tall building. You rarely KNOW you’re going to be around blood, so it’s impossible to prepare for it or to take anti-anxiety medication to help with the feelings of panic.

“I Decided I Needed to Do Something For My Fear of Blood…”

I went to some doctors, and they didn’t have any idea what to do. I saw a psychologist who wanted to talk about my childhood, but after a few months and hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, with no results, I gave up on that too.

I didn’t want to find out WHY I was afraid, I wanted to END IT. Some said that maybe the restaurant industry wasn’t right for me, and that I shouldn’t work in hospitals either, or a bunch of other things…but when you’re a phobic, you know it’s impossible to completely avoid. You still have to give blood, have children, and a million other things where blood is going to be around. Not to mention you wouldn’t tell someone who’s afraid of flying to just take the bus, you’d work through it, right? That’s what I was committed to doing too. I tried some hypnosis or NLP products I found online, and they were complete garbage, a total scam. They not only didn’t make me feel ANY better, in many ways, I was worse. Every time something didn’t work they way they claimed, I felt a little more hopeless, like I would never overcome my fear of blood.

“Finally, Things Got Better…”

One day I was surfing the Internet, and came across someone who had had anxiety and severe phobias and had successfully overcome them. He didn’t have the fear of blood exactly, but it really didn’t matter, a phobia’s a phobia and what he was saying helped him conquer his fears made a lot of sense. Finally there was someone that knew what I was going through and had overcome it, and not somebody that wanted to talk about the way my mom potty trained me or try to pitch me some three minute hypnosis nonsense just to suck a few bucks out of my wallet. I admit, I was still a little skeptical about it since I had gotten my hopes of so many times before only to be disappointed, but I decided to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did, because things are a LOT different now. Go below to check out the Panic Puzzle Program. If you order, I’ll make some money too, and what’s wrong with that? :)

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